Fall 2016 MAP Trainer Webinar

This webinar was presented by Carolyn Whittemore, a Department of Developmental Services MAP Coordinator and was recorded on November 18th, 2016. This webinar is required for 2016 MAP Trainers and is approximately 7 minutes long. Please follow the instructions below to receive attendance credit. 

Webinar Link


Fall 2016 Webinar Slides (PDF)

TTT Organizational chart doc  7-21-16 (PDF)

Attendance Credit

In order to receive attendance credit, please click on the webinar link above and enter your name and e-mail address when asked. The training will begin automatically.

  • If watching with a group, please ensure each person later logs in separately with their unique name and e-mail address to ensure accurate attendance.
  • Notification of attendance credit will be sent by e-mail after the viewing period has ended on January 25th, 2017.
  • January 25th, 2017 is the last date to earn credit for viewing this training.

Technical Details about the recordings

This recording uses Adobe Flash, which is most likely already installed on your computer. If you experience problems with the recording such as slides that seem to “freeze” or go blank, or volume that cuts in and out, please try the following:

  • Switch internet browsers. Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox will give you the best viewing results.
  • Close your browser and re-open it, using the meeting link above to gain access again. This will often “reset” Flash and allow it to play normally.
  • Stop the recording and resume again at a later time if you suspect the problem is due to a slowdown or interruption in the internet connection. 

Non-Flash Option

Adobe Flash is required to view the above presentation. Flash may not be available on the iPad or iPhone. As an alternative, here is a link to the video on YouTubeImportant! If you'd like to earn attendance credit for viewing this module, you MUST sign-in from a desktop computer using the link above, or e-mail cdder@umassmed.edu and ask that you be added to the attendance list.


For technical questions about the webinar or attendance, please e-mail CDDER@umassmed.edu

For questions related to MAP content or processes, please use the organization chart to find and e-mail your MAP Coordinator.

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