Charles D. Hamad, Ph.D

Co-Director, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

A licensed child and developmental psychologist by training, Dr. Hamad has extensive experience working with children and their families. His research encompasses a broad range of issues affecting people with developmental disabilities. He is particularly noted for his work with applied behavior analysis and with technological approaches to helping children with autism. For his work in autism early intervention training, Dr. Hamad, along with his UMass Medical School colleague Richard Fleming, won the 2008 Sloan C award for the 'Most Outstanding Online Teaching and Learning Program' in the nation. This program was developed by the Shriver Center in collaboration with UMass Lowell and UMassOnline.

He has been the Principal Investigator on a number of National Institute of Health grants (see links below) developing online training courses for students and professionals who work with individuals with developmental disabilities. The courses include a series of Early Intervention trainings directed at providers who support children with developmental disabilities, a practitioner skills training program for autism behavioral early intervention providers, and trainings in emergency preparedness focused on the needs of people with disabilities for first responders and emergency managers.

Ongoing and Recent Projects

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