Courtney Dutra, MPA

Courtney Dutra
Project Associate

Ms. Dutra has worked with CDDER since 2008 in project management, instructional design, and subject research. Courtney is also the technical lead on webinar and online training development. Courtney works with disability and health agencies to conduct quality assurance activities, translate and disseminate research findings into actionable items for use by professionals in the field, and to produce online and face-to-face training materials. Courtney has research expertise in falls prevention in people with intellectual disability and has coordinated state-wide initiatives to reduce the incidents of falls in this population. Ms. Dutra has also designed research tools and technical guides on this topic, as well as presented content to numerous groups. Courtney has extensive experience working with self-advocates and in supporting organizations to make websites and print materials accessible to this population. She has experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS),eLearning, webinar platforms, program evaluation, organizational quality improvement, and research methodology. Ms. Dutra received a Master’s degree in Public Administration in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree from Colorado State University.

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