Linda G. Bandini

David Cochran
Child Psychiatry

Carol Curtin
Family Medicine & Community Health

Curtis Deutsch
Psychobiology of developmental disabilities; medical and behavioral genetics.

Ursula Dräger
The regulation and role of retinoic acid in the developing eye 

Ann Foley
Autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities

Jean Frazier
Child Psychiatry

Charles D. Hamad
Behavioral technology 

Steven Hodge

Mary-Beth Kadlec
Occupational Therapy

David Kennedy

Emily Lauer
Health and risk surveillance for public and private service agencies

John Rochford
Web accessibility for people with disabilities; application of information technology in human services

Emily Rubin
Support for siblings of people with all types of disabilities

Steven Staugaitis   
Quality & Risk Management in developmental disabilities

Susan Swanson
Speech/Language Pathology

Amy Weinstock
Insurance coverage for autism-related treatments and services

Adjunct Faculty

Alexandra Bonardi
Family Medicine & Community Health

Richard Fleming
Health promotion for people with developmental disabilities

Elaine Gabovitch
Family Medicine & Community Health

Margaret Manning
Assessment of autism and developmental disabilities, ADHD, learning disorders, and social/emotional difficulties

William McIlvane
Intellectual and developmental disabilities

Teresa Mitchell
Cross-Modal Development and Plasticity

Aviva Must
Nutritional epidemiology

Richard W. Serna
Processes in discrimination learning 

Heidi Stanish
Physical activity for people with intellectual and physical disabilities

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