Our newsletter, the Shriver Center Spotlight, contains Center-related news, research updates, community initiatives, education and training efforts, and resources. Published twice a year, the Shriver Center Spotlight is geared toward individuals, families, and friends of people with disabilities, self-advocates, clinicians, educators, human service workers, and anyone interested in the developmental disabilities field.

Current issue of the Shriver Center Spotlight.

Past Issues

Volume 7, Issue 1: Shriver Center LEND Program Trains Leaders for the Future

Volume 6, Issue 2: Shriver Center Online Courses Examine Disabilities from a Variety of Perspectives

Volume 6, Issue 1: Future of Picture-Aided Communication for Individuals with IDD (double issue)

Volume 5, Issue 1: Siblings of People with Disabilities

Volume 4, Issues 1 & 2: Community-Based Participatory Research (double issue)

Volume 3, Issue 1: Safety for People with Disabilities

Volume 2, Issue 1: International Outreach

Volume 1, Issue 2: Current and Emerging Technologies

Volume 1, Issue 1: Health Promotion and Disability

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