For First Responders

Ongoing projects

  • Active Planning Project
    This two-part program trains public health and safety responders, emergency planners, and managers to address the needs of individuals with disabilities. Part 1 is a responder educational workshop. Part 2 is a facilitated collaborative community stakeholder meeting to identify and close gaps in the local emergency plan. Request the Active Planning project in your city, town, county or region.
  • Consulting for Municipalities and Organizations
    We offer customized in-person and virtual consulting and material development for communities and organizations looking to review and revise their emergency preparedness and response plans and drills or exercises to include equal access for people with disabilities.
  • Online Training
    Developed in collaboration with the UMMS Center of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness Education and Training (CEEPET), this free online course module on emergency preparedness and response for children and adults with disabilities is geared toward health care "first receiver" personnel.

Project examples

  • Rescue-D online education simulation
    This online disaster simulation prototype course with game-like features teaches public health and safety emergency responders how to meet the unique needs of people with disabilities in emergency situations.
  • Disaster drills
    Individuals with disabilities and trained personnel have participated as "volunteer victims" in training exercises and disaster drills in order to raise awareness about equal access for people with disabilities.
  • International consulting
    We have lent our expertise to medical personnel from Japan in an effort to enhance emergency preparedness for people with disabilities in that country.

Free resources

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