Online Training

In collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Center of Excellence for Emergency Preparedness Education and Training (CEEPET), the Shriver Center developed an online course module on emergency and disaster preparedness and response for children and adults with disabilities, geared to healthcare personnel. The module, People with Disabilities, is one of ten in a comprehensive course available on the CEEPET website entitled, Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance During Disasters. The module on people with disabilities is available alone or it can be taken along with any or all of the modules addressing other populations requiring additional assistance in emergencies.

The module on people with disabilities includes such topics as:

  • disaster experiences of children and adults with disabilities
  • demographics and disability awareness
  • the C-MIST functional and access needs planning framework
  • successfully interacting with people with disabilities
  • risk communication
  • hazardous material decontamination
  • sheltering
  • collaborative inclusive emergency planning.

The module is geared to the learning needs of health care providers and hospital staff; staff at long-term care facilities and community health centers; and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) staff. The goals of the course are to provide healthcare personnel with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively meet the emergency and disaster needs of individuals with disabilities and to work collaboratively with the disability community to develop and implement emergency plans and harness strengths, fostering individual, family, and community resilience.

CEEPET is supported through a contract with the Emergency Preparedness Bureau at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, with funding from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Hospital Preparedness Program.


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