Sibling Support

As the sibling of someone with a disability, where can I find support?
I have a child with mental health needs. What resources are available for his/her siblings?
I am responsible for caring for my adult sibling with traumatic brain injury. Where can I find support?
I work with families of people with disabilities. Where can I learn more about the impact of disability on family members?

Supporting Siblings of Children with Mental Health Needs

The Shriver Center works with hospitals and other agencies to address the needs of siblings and parents of children with mental health issues. The goals of the program are to build sibling resiliency and decrease trauma, teach parenting strategies that support siblings as well as increase parental confidence, and build capacity among providers. For more information, contact Emily Rubin, Director of Sibling Support, at

Download program details here (pdf)

Download brochure about the impact of mental illness on siblings (pdf)

Massachusetts Sibling Support Network (MSSN)

Growing up with a brother or sister with a disability, whether the disability is mental or physical, seen or unseen, is a unique, challenging and potentially rewarding experience. The Massachusetts Sibling Support Network meets the needs of siblings of people with all kinds of disabilities throughout the sibling lifespan. The MSSN provides education, creates welcoming communities, and strives to increase the range and availability of sibling support services across the Commonwealth.

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