2014 UMass Medicine Cancer Walk - September 28th

Sep 25, 2014
Members of the 2013 Team Shriver

Members of the 2013 Team Shriver

A seven-year-old tradition exists at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center of participating in the UMass Medicine Cancer Walk, a fundraiser to support ongoing cancer research at UMass Medical School. Shriver Center employees take pride in participating in the walk and the funds the team brings in for the cause. They are excited about lacing up their sneakers for this year’s walk on Sunday, Sept. 28.

Last year was a banner year for Team Shriver, which received both the Top Fundraising Award for 2013 and a $25,000 Lifetime Giving Award. Team Shriver’s fundraising efforts are not limited to the months leading up to the annual event. Creative fundraising over the years has included a year-long indoor yard sale and candy sale, a cake walk, nutritional assessments from a staff dietician, hearing assessments by a staff audiologist, and a variety of luncheons. Team Shriver has so far raised $600 from fundraising efforts and $2,830 in individual donations. We thank everyone for their generosity.

Shriver staff participates in the five-mile walk for a variety of reasons: to give something back to others; to honor those impacted by the disease; to support friends and family members battling the disease; and to support research that will prevent others from being affected. They believe their personal donations and participation will make a difference in someone’s life!

The team members would love to grow their team. If you want to walk with Team Shriver on September 28 at the medical school, please email Donna Caira.

For more information, visit the UMass Walk for Cancer event webpage. You can support Team Shriver via their FirstGiving.com webpage.

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