Responsibilities in Action (RIA) Curriculum


DDS is pleased to announce this new MAP Curriculum, Responsibilities in Action (RIA). This curriculum has been piloted by 10 MAP Preceptors and adapted based on their input. Candidates who were trained using the pilot curriculum were tracked through the testing process and performed quite well. There is only one manual to be used by both the Trainer and the students. The new curriculum will not affect testing and there are no changes to the testing process. All items on the test have been reviewed and changed if necessary to make them "curriculum neutral" in their language. 

Please feel free to start using the new curriculum (RIA) immediately. AMRW materials can be used through June 30, 2019. All MAP Trainers must transition to the new curriculum by July 1, 2019. We will be tracking the transition through the D&S MAP testing program by adding a question about which curriculum was used to the training information portion of the candidate record. We ask that MAP Preceptors wait to do any further precepting until after they have transitioned to the new curriculum. Starting in September, Train the Trainer (TTT) sessions will be introducing the new curriculum, RIA.

RIA Curriculum

Responsibilities in Action Massachusetts Curriculum (PDF)

RIA Study Guide (PDF)

Adjunct training materials

Responsibilities in Action Certification 4 Day Training Program (PowerPoint)

Massachusetts Medication Book (Word) 

Massachusetts Count Book (Word)

Emergency Fact Sheets (all in Word):

EFS David Cook 

EFS Ellen Tracey

EFS Juanita Gomez

EFS Tanisha Johnson 

Labels (all in Word):

Label David Cook Phenobarbital

Label David Cook Tramadol

Label Ellen Tracey Atorvastatin

Label Ellen Tracey Lorazepam

Label Juanita Gomez Docusate Sodium

Label Juanita Gomez Phenytoin

Label Juanita Gomez Tramadol

Label Tanisha Johnson Clonazepam

Label Tanisha Johnson Phenobarbital

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