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Resource Packet

In lieu of ordering a Resource Packet from LTPS, Service Providers may assemble their own Resource Packets using the hyperlinks below to download, print and assemble a Resource Packet for each staff.

Please note: Training blister packs must be provided for students who are taking the online course; images of blister packs may not be used in the training.

Materials needed:

Unit 6

Unit 7

We have also created some short documents that cover what Providers will need to offer their Staff for successful training and one for Students regarding how to prepare for online learning. You can access them here:

Sample 'Welcome Letter'

  • Welcome Letter
  • It's suggested that MAP Trainers email this to students 2 weeks in advance of the course, and attach the "Supporting Staff for Online Learning" and "Are You Ready for Online Learning" documents below 

Provider Support to Staff for Online Learning

Staff Preparation for Online Learning

Moodle User Manuals

Online Course Schedule

  • 2020 Online Course Schedule 
  • Certification classes will start on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month and you must be registered by the Friday 2 weeks in advance of the course by your MAP Trainer. Below is a registration template that will need to be downloaded, filled out and returned to CDDER by Friday 2 weeks prior to the class start date (see Course Schedule for registration due dates). We need first name, middle initial, last name, email and birthdate in the format of MMDDYY (there are some examples on the sheet). Please send completed sheets to:

Trainer Template for Registering Students

Moodle Training for new MAP Trainers (PPT)


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