Family & Community Partnership (FCP) Program

About the Family & Community Partnership (FCP) Program

Every year, the Family & Community Partnership (FCP) program matches families of children with disabilities and/or adults with disabilities with Shriver Center LEND fellows to provide an "inside look" at everyday life for people with disabilities and their family members.

  • About 10-12 family or adult participants act as "mentors" to LEND fellows
  • FCP mentors host LEND fellows on home visits and/or community outings
  • The FCP program totals 8 hours over 8-weeks each fall
  • Visits are arranged at mutually convenient times for mentors and fellows
  • FCP mentors will receive a $100 stipend for their participation

Purpose for Fellows

Provide the following essential elements in a LEND fellow's education

  • Understanding of how programs and policies affect people with disabilities and their families
  • Skill development for identifying gaps in programs and service systems
  • The individuals' and families' perspective on what is needed to have a good quality of life

Mutual Benefits

For Families: FCP provides a rare opportunity to influence a future disability leader's approach to important disability-related issues by sharing their experience with disabilities: the joys, frustrations, obstacles, and successes

For LEND Fellows: FCP provides a chance to learn how systems of care help or hinder families' and individuals' quality of life and consider innovative ways to address these concerns at the systems level over the course of their LEND studies

Contact Us

We welcome the participation of parents of children with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs and adults with disabilities since we are always in search of diverse types of experiences to meet the fellows' self-defined learning needs.

To learn more about the Family & Community Partnership Program, please email Elaine M. Gabovitch, MPA, Director of Family & Community Partnerships at


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