Disability Informatics & Information Technology in Human Services Syllabus

FALL 2018

Shriver Center LEND Program, Maternal and Child Health Leadership Practicum

Contact Information

John Rochford, M.S., See Faculty Profile


Fellows will learn to:

  1. locate online information about programs, providers, and services for people with disabilities;
  2. protect computers, networks, and online information from malicious activities, viruses, and other malware;
  3. use the online resources of the UMass Medical School Soutter Library;
  4. explain problems encountered by people with disabilities in accessing online information;and
  5. collect and utilize different types of data, and think critically about systems using a quality-improvement cycle

Class Schedule


This part of the MCH Leadership Practicum, comprised by the classes listed above, will be graded as pass/fail. To pass, fellows must:

  • have no unexcused absences;
  • be on-time for each class;
  • participate in each class (be attentive, ask questions, engage in discussion, etc.); and
  • complete, by due dates, all course assignments

Suffolk Information

The following is information required by Suffolk University to accompany this syllabus.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is expected of all who are affiliated with Suffolk University. When citing words, phrases or ideas of another person from published work, on the internet, or created by another individual, you must provide footnotes or quotation marks. Plagiarism includes but is not limited to submission of work by another author; a work from the web; a substantial portion of a paper submitted for another class at Suffolk or elsewhere; and a paper or substantial portion written for you by someone else. Violations of academic integrity policies may result in course failure or University expulsion.

University Disability Statement

Suffolk students: Suffolk University is dedicated to a full university education for all its students and ensures that all students have access to university services. Suffolk students who have or suspect they may have a disability are encouraged to contact the Office for Disability Services at disabilityservices@suffolk.edu or 617-573-8239. This office can provide referrals and/or approve necessary accommodations for students. If you have a learning, physical, medical, or psychiatric disability that may impact your coursework and are seeking classroom accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act, you are required to: 1) meet with your instructor to discuss possible needs and 2) register with the Dean of Students Office, 73 Tremont Street, 12th floor, 617-573-8239. The instructor must receive verification from the Dean of Students Office before accommodations are granted.

Students with other special needs such as work hours, out of town trips, work-family issues, or family emergencies should discuss their situations with their instructor. All information and documentation is confidential.


LEND Fellows

If you are participating in the LEND program but not in the Master’s program at Suffolk, you still have opportunities for accommodation. If you identify yourself as someone with a disability to the Training Director of the LEND program, LEND faculty are happy to make accommodations to allow you to participate fully in the program. If you suspect that you may have a disability, please get in touch with the LEND program Training Director to discuss arrangements for evaluating your situation.

Please refer to the LEND handbook for additional information about student support, emergencies and other relevant policies.

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