Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies research at the Shriver Center involves the investigation and development of science-based technological solutions that will assist people facing significant health and education challenges to enhance their health status, behavioral development, and quality of life. We excel at both investigating new ways of understanding and enhancing learning, as well as marrying existing science with new technologies.

Products that emerge from the Shriver Center’s learning research are founded upon scientific evidence that has been vetted by federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, national professional organizations, and the editors and review boards of scientific publications.

Several grant-funded technologies have emerged based on the Shriver Center’s basic and applied research and collaboration with product development companies. Some of our most fruitful work has come from a partnership with Massachusetts-based Praxis, including:

  • Discovering Behavioral Intervention
  • Learning ABA
  • PinPoint
  • Early Intervention Online
  • StartMatching
  • SymbolTeacher
  • Face Value
  • Behavioral Intervention in Autism

Other technologies still under development inlcude:

  • PACSMan (Picture Aided Communication System Manager)
  • TAM (Tests of Attention and Memory) Developmental
  • Disabilities Dentistry Online
  • Set2Read Computer-based instruction teaching critical pre-reading discrimination skills to learners with severe intellectual disabilities.

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