Instructional Technology

The Shriver Center's Instructional Technology Team specializes in the design and production of technology-based educational solutions for the private and public sector. This team is unique in the broad scope of its cross-functional and cross-disciplinary expertise and experience generating unique learning material, leveraging advances in software accessibility and gamification of health behavior analysis and interventions. Our core strengths include instructional design, content creation, and accessibility.

The Instructional Technology Team's expertise comes from decades of work in computer-based instruction, distance and e-learning, and other forms of designing instruction, especially around technology. We believe critical features of Instructional Technology include the motivational content (why), the educational content (what), the content delivery methods (how), and the use of data to both monitor and evaluate student learning and program efficacy (how well). We have produced learning programs for children, online teaching programs for people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities, training for professionals, and information and resources for the community. More about our programs and products.

Working with the Instructional Technology Team

Numerous state, local, and commercial entities have utilized the Shriver Center's instructional technology and development capability. We provide: 

  1. Instructional design services.
  2. Course development that may be offered online, face-to-face, or a blend of both.
  3. Staff development and training program development.

Special expertise with the disability community comes from INDEX, a technical services component within the Shriver Center also connected to the Instructional Technology Team. INDEX builds and hosts web-based applications and online-learning solutions, all accessible to people with disabilities, for nonprofits and government agencies. Through INDEX and other Shriver resources, we provide:

  1. Expertise in the design and development of web-based technologies that are accessed and understood by a wide range of users.
  2. Instructional strategies derived from our decades of research in the field of instructional technology for learners with unique needs .

Our technical assistance involves frequent communication between the Shriver Team and the client outline in design, development, and deployment process shown below. This collaborative and integrative process assists clients to turn their training needs into a logical, accessible, sequence or curriculum that meets the needs of twenty-first century just in time learning.

Shriver instructional technology process

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