Measure ASD Research Study for children ages 2.5-6 years with concern for autism or who are typically developing

This study will examine if a new investigational medical device, called the EarliPoint™ Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, can be used to diagnose autism in children ages 31-84 months. The device detects the presence and severity of autism spectrum disorder and related developmental delays.

Researchers need to observe children who have autism spectrum disorder and related developmental delays (ASD/DD) as well as typically developing (TD) children who do not have ASD or developmental delays.

This study is sponsored by EarliTec Diagnostics, Inc.

What will my family be asked to do?

  • Your child will watch short, age-appropriate videos of social interactions (such as children playing together) while a special camera tracks your child’s eye movements.
  • A clinician will ask your child questions and observe your child’s behavior as they engage together in a structured communication and social assessment at the study visit
  • A clinician will ask you questions about your child and his/her behavior.

Participant Criteria

Child 31-84 months of age; physically able to sit in a chair, highchair, or booster seat and watch videos on a screen; has normal to corrected-to-normal vision and is able to hear information. Must understand information, instructions, and videos presented in English

Visit Requirements

There will be one study visit and will generally take 3-4 hours.

To register, see our study flyer:…/MEASURE-ASD-UMASS-Recruitment-Flyer-3-002.pdf