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Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research (CDDER)

The Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research (CDDER), based at the Shriver Center, provides valuable research, evaluation and training services in order to enhance the quality of supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disability.

CDDER in Plain Language

Find out more about our work, our projects, and our team:

Our Projects


Health Surveillance for Adults with Intellectual Disability

This grant-funded project developed an operational definition of “intellectual disability” to be used in health surveillance activities, as well as recommendations to ensure health surveillance activities are actually representative of this population.


Systematic Review of Interventions to Reduce Oral Health Disparities between Adults with Intellectual Disability and the General Population

This project studied the barriers to oral health care for people with intellectual disabilities.


DDS Preventive Health Screenings for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

These preventive health screening guidelines for adults with ID help clinicians, staff, individuals, and families to understand the preventive health screenings that are recommended by age and diagnoses.


Mortality Review

Learn about our work with agencies to develop systems for identifying and monitoring risk, and providing mortality analysis and incident data review to support quality management systems.


DDS Quality Assurance Reports

We develop briefs and other content on quality assurance topics that translate research findings into actionable items, which are customizable for unique audiences such as self-advocates, management staff, families, and private provider agencies.


DDS Webinars

CDDER developed a number of webinars for the Massachusetts DDS on topics related to quality supports for people with intellectual disabilities.

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Presentations & Publications

Learn about some of our presentations and publications.

Our Team

Meet members of our wonderful team.