Pathways to Inclusive Health Care Program

This post-baccalaureate training program is designed for motivated individuals planning to pursue an advanced degree in a health care profession and who wish to be at the forefront of the future healthcare workforce, uniquely trained and positioned to address the unmet healthcare needs of persons diagnosed with ID, ASD and/or other neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD)


During this nine-month training program, Interns are taught to work and support persons with ID, ASD. and/or NDD through:

  • field experience within day habilitation/community-based day support programs or private school serving youth with IDD/ASD and/or NDD
  • clinical observations of interdisciplinary team assessments and shadowing health care professionals serving persons with ID,ASD and/or NDD.
  • coursework covering core curriculum domains of
    • interdisciplinary perspectives on ID, ASD and NDD
    • family and community perspectives
    • disability policy and systems of care
    • professional development


PIHC Inters work four days a week at a field site and spend one day a week either doing clinical observations or attending classes. Weekly debriefings where interns are encouraged to process, synthesize and integrate learnings from the week is a central component of the PIHC program.


Program Components

  • PIHC Core Curriculum
  • Field Work Placement
  • Certificate in Disability Studies
  • Paid Position

Applications may be found here