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DDS Preventive Health Screenings for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Recognizing that regular preventive health screenings can help people with ID remain healthy and have a good quality of life, CDDER developed, piloted, and implemented systems and tools to enhance health care quality and communication. The centerpiece of this initiative was the dissemination of the MA DDS preventive health screening guidelines for adults with ID. These tools are for use by clinicians, staff, individuals, and families to understand the preventive health screenings that are recommended by age and diagnoses.

These guidelines were last updated in 2019. 


  • Brochure
    An easy-to-read brochure with preventive health screening recommendations, guidelines for communication, a list of common conditions that may be overlooked and resources for additional information.
  • Wallchart
    This handout describes in more detail, recommended screenings for various age groups or diagnoses. This can be used as a reference guide.
  • Preventive Health Screening Checklist
    This is a summary checklist for use by the self-advocate, family member, or support provider to help guide the discussion with the Health Care Provider (HCP). This form should be completed prior to the individual’s annual visit. Staff should review the individual’s health record and check off preventive screenings that are likely due based on age and other risk factors. These screenings can then be discussed with the HCP at the annual visit.

Ongoing Efforts

CDDER is part of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) working group on preventive health screening guidelines to develop a set of consistent guidelines across the United States. 
Health communication tools developed by CDDER have been modified for use in other state systems.