Neuroinformatics Education & Training

ReproNim webinar series

The ReproNim webinar series produces monthly webinars featuring important efforts in reproducibility, with presentations by both ReproNim and guest investigators.

ReproNim fellowship

The ReproNim fellowship is a full year train-the-trainer program which provides fellows with conceptual and practical training in reproducible neuroimaging, as well as tailored support for individual syllabus development and implementation of reproducibility training at their home institutions.

ReproNim training curriculum

ReproNim’s educational program provides topical training in the overall issues that affect the reproducibility of neuroimaging research (data acquisition and characterization, experimental methods, analyses, record keeping and reporting, reusability, and sharing of data and methods).

The initial (Phase 1) curriculum focuses on developing material that address reproducibility in four areas:

  • FAIR data
  • Computational basics
  • Reproducible workflows
  • Statistical tools.