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Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities

Online Courses

Comprehensive online courses on risk mitigation and safety enhancements

Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities (RMDD) is a series of six online training courses designed for those who provide services and support to children and adults with developmental disabilities. RMDD instructs users in best practice approaches to risk mitigation and safety enhancement. Courses include:

  • 24/7 online access
  • Reality-based examples to develop practical skills
  • Downloadable and printable forms, checklists, assessment tools and briefs for use in work settings
  • A series of paperback books to accompany each of the online courses is now available for purchase. The books can be used as stand-alone resources or as a way to supplement and maintain a “hard copy” of the material in the online courses.

Who would benefit?

Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities (RMDD) is a comprehensive series of programs that provide valuable and essential information for enhancing the safety and quality of services for people with disabilities. The training will provide staff members with knowledge and skills that can help prevent adverse events from taking place and significantly improve the ability of public and private service organizations to provide quality supports consistent with best practice standards. Organizations that would benefit include:

  • Both public and private provider organizations responsible for services, support, and care for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Organizations that oversee, license, certify, fund, or review safety and quality

Available Courses

RMDD’s comprehensive online courses can be purchased individually or as a complete training package. All online courses include important information on how to establish an effective culture of safety within organizations that serve people with disabilities and how to recognize and address common causes of error that can cause adverse events. The courses in the series include:

Course 1: Mortality Review and Reporting          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 1
Learn about the design and management of a mortality review and reporting process for public systems and service providers that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Course content includes:

  • Individual review of deaths
  • Systems-based review and analysis to inform continuous quality improvement
  • Individual and systems-based reporting
  • Web-based tool for benchmarking current mortality review and reporting
  • Downloadable forms, checklists, and tools

Course 2: Risk Screening          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 2
Learn how to recognize and plan for the mitigation of health and safety risks for people with disabilities. Course content includes:

  • Sample protocols for screening risks
  • Integrating results into individualized support plans
  • Importance of choice and control for service recipients
  • Issues associated with emergency preparedness
  • Special considerations for addressing planning needs for self-directed support models
  • Web-based tool for evaluating current risk-screening systems
  • Extensive workbook with downloadable forms, checklists, and tools

Course 3: Root Cause Analysis          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 3
Learn how to analyze incidents resulting in significant injury or avoidable death. Course content includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for establishing teams and completing a root cause analysis 
  • Root cause analysis guidance specific to developmental disabilities
  • Downloadable checklists, forms, and guidelines

Course 4: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 4
Learn how to recognize high risk situations and prevent adverse events from ever taking place. The failure mode and effects analysis process is adapted to issues and adverse events common within programs and settings that serve people with developmental disabilities. Course content includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for analyzing, rating and correcting high risk activities and tasks
  • Examples from developmental disability programs
  • Downloadable checklists, forms and tools for use by review teams

Course 5: Using Data as a Quality Tool          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 5
Gain skills in how to analyze data on risk and quality improvement common to programs and systems that serve people with disabilities. Course content includes:

  • Identifying patterns and trends that may be associated with increased risk of harm by using statistical procedures
  • How to use instructions for conducting simple statistical analysis and communicate findings
  • Practical examples from disability service systems 
  • Downloadable checklists, forms, and tools

Course 6: Incident Management          PRICING          PURCHASE COURSE 6

Learn important principles for establishing new or enhancing existing incident reporting, review, and management systems in the field of developmental disability services. Course content includes:

  • Review of the most common incident categories present in state systems
  • Methods to evaluate the usability, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of incident reporting systems
  • Instruction on how to develop staff skills into a holistic risk management system
  • Tools for evaluating current incident management systems against standards and practice criteria
  • Downloadable checklists and tools

Core Module: Designing a Comprehensive System for Risk Management
This core module is available within each of the six courses and integrates materials and tools across the topics with a holistic and quality improvement focus. Course content includes:

  • How to integrate risk-related information into an ongoing and comprehensive system
  • Discovering issues and risks
  • Prioritizing failures and areas in need of remediation


A series of paperback books to accompany each of the online courses is available for purchase.  The books can be used as stand-alone resources or as a way to supplement and maintain a “hard copy” of the material in the online courses. Click here to purchase.

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